Enseña Chile

“Enseña Chile is a non-profit that works towards reducing education inequality in Chile by propelling a movement of leaders with a life-long commitment to positively impact the Chilean education system. Through our Collective Leadership Program we recruit, select, and train top graduates and solid professionals as full-time teachers in schools located in underprivileged communities during a period of two years. ”


Below is Ricardo Riveros’ testimony as a teacher in the Region of Valparaiso:

My name is Ricardo, I’m an Engineer. As a children’s Science instructor a few years ago in the region of Valparaiso, I saw firsthand the hopelessness of many low-income students who were unable to see the future they dreamed about. They didn’t have the tools nor the support needed to help them walk the long path that leads to break this cycle. Then, I remembered what I learned as a University exchange student: the incredible power education has in achieving social mobility, and the key role teachers play in making it happen.

I left my job as an Engineer and began in Enseña Chile as a full-time teacher in a school with a high grade of vulnerability. There, I saw up close the depth and complexity of the Chilean education system’s problematic. With the support of my Mentor and fellow teachers of Enseña Chile’s community, I’ve been able to develop myself on a personal and professional level. Through my students, I have discovered the ability to positively influence the lives of other people, not only by sharing knowledge, but also by being a living example to them.

I always tell my students that it IS possible, that they CAN reach further, that they must make Science, Language and numbers their own, that they WILL solve day to day problems and improve their community’s quality of life.

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